Trigger warning!

This blog contains spoilers for Star in the Shadows

Star in the Shadows contains scenes with potentially triggering content. The scenes are integral to the story and have a devastating impact on the characters involved, with long-term effects that run through the narrative of the story.

After the book was completed, I became deeply concerned about the potential impact of these scenes on a reader who may have been through something similar. I hate the thought of causing someone harm by triggering a memory of something traumatic.

I’m pleased to say I’ve now agreed a content warning with my publishers that will go at the start of the book. I hope it’ll help each person who picks up Star in the Shadows to be aware of scenes that may be triggering – even if that means they decide not to read it as a result.

Update: Since publishing this, I’ve had a lot of feedback from writers, readers in my target audience, and people who have read drafts of Star in the Shadows. Feedback has ranged from vociferously anti to positively pro trigger warnings. However, the majority of my intended readers and those who have read drafts all said a content warning would be too much of a spoiler, and instead to make sure the blurb alludes to the fact that the book contains difficult themes. I’ll mull over all the feedback and chat to my publishers – thanks to everyone who has been so helpful with their feedback!

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