What now?

I realise I haven’t updated the blog in a little while – it’s been a busy time! I’m so excited by the things I’m currently working on and can’t wait to share them.

Love in the Spotlight series
I’m currently writing a series of three stand-alone contemporary romance novels, each one about people in the public eye and the dark side of fame. Here’s a brief overview of the books in the series:

Falling Again
Katie is a former Olympic skating champion nicknamed the ice queen because she refuses to forgive Alex, her former skating and romantic partner, for the accident which shattered her ankle and ended her career. She reluctantly agrees to take part in a new reality skating show, but she is devastated to find that Alex is one of the judging panel, and he is determined to win her back.

Jamie is a washed-up love-rat rugby player who is paired with Katie on the show. As the ice between him and Katie thaws, he realises there is much more to Katie and Alex’s relationship than the public knows.

Will Alex win Katie back? And will Katie and Jamie win the public’s heart, and their votes, and skate to victory?

No love lost
A group of celebrities sign up to go on a survival TV show out in the Alaskan wilderness, unaware of the other participants in the show until they arrive at their secluded, snow-bound lodge, with cameras at every angle.

Actress Katerina Murphy is horrified to find that one of the other participants is Finn Drayson – a pop singer and her former high school hook-up. They haven’t spoken since their teenage relationship went badly wrong.

Finn hopes he can break the ice between them, and make up for the way he treated Katerina when he was a teen, but Katerina won’t be won over that easily. She’s guarding a secret that no one, especially not Finn, can find out.

Can she survive the two- week wilderness or will Finn break her heart again, this time as the world watches?

Battle of wills
Karrie Morgan is a care worker. She’s good at her job and dedicated to Henry Pierce, caring for him for years till his death. Henry’s family swarm in for the funeral, each keen to grab a slice of his vast inheritance, but are shocked when they discover he has left everything to Karrie. Furious, they plan their next move to reclaim their fortune. Youngest son Angel, playboy and TV star, is ordered to woo Karrie and get her to give up the fortune.

As Karrie and Angel grow closer he feels riven with guilt about his deception, not just about his family’s plans, but also keeping from her a secret that not even his family knows.

Will Karrie get to keep the money she rightly deserves and get her man? Or will Angel’s secret ruin everything for both of them?

I’ll keep my social media updated with potential publishing dates for the Love in the Spotlight series. I can’t wait to share them with you!

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