My least favourite part of writing

A few days ago, I finished the third draft of my third novel! I love the story, love the characters, and had a blast writing it. I’m so bloody chuffed with it that I feel giddy.

But after the high must come the low. Now the book is written, I have to confront my least favourite part of writing. Worse than editing, worse than marketing, worse than trying to think of a pithy tweet for #PITMAD.

I have to write the dreaded synopsis.

When you’ve embedded yourself in a 72K word novel, it feels nigh-on impossible to sum up the plot, the characters you love, the nuances, the shock twists, the drama, and the romance, in one measly page of A4. Yes, ONE side of A4! It’s like torture.

But, it has to be done, as I need it for pitching to agents and publishers. So, no more procrastination!

Synopsis hell, here I come…

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