Lessons on editing

I recently finished editing my second novel Falling Again (part of my new series) – with the help of fab editor Amanda Horan at Let’s get booked. A friend of mine also kindly proof-read the novel for me.

It was a learning curve! Here are the top five things I discovered from the process:

  1. Head hopping – avoid at all costs!

When I first wrote Falling Again, back in Spring 2019, I skipped merrily between different points of view in each chapter. Well, I won’t be making that same mistake again! Fortunately, it wasn’t too hard to correct.

2. I give my characters bad habits

Well, one habit in particular. They bite their lips. All. The. Time. As my proof-reader commented when Katie bit her lip for the hundredth time – “I’m surprised she has any lips left!”

Needless to say, I removed some lip biting. And some shoulder shrugging, nodding, and eye rolling too!

3. Practice makes perfect?

I learnt that I never use the right spelling of practice/ practise. Ever. Did I even use it right in this blog? I still have no clue.

4. There is such thing as a pluperfect tense

Who knew?!

5. I can’t read Falling Again, again.

I love the story, but once I had been through multiple drafts, then multiple rounds of edits, then multiple rounds of proofreading, I literally couldn’t take anymore. I felt like my brain was broken. I won’t be revisiting Katie and Jamie’s story for a little while, so I can focus on other exciting projects!

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