Exciting news!

I’m so excited to announce today that I have signed a three-book contract with Choc Lit publishers!

I can’t wait to work with these award-winning publishers to bring you my next three novels, and to join the Choc Lit family, which includes fabulous authors such as Lucy Keeling, Kirsty Ferry and Angela Britnell, to name just a few.

My first novel with them should be out by early 2021.

What you can expect from my new books:

Slow-burn romance
Shock twists
Drama aplenty
Swoon-worthy romance
Satisfying endings

I could never have imagined this. Since publishing Star in the Shadows last year I have been hard at work, writing as much as I could, learning, improving, and building a platform. And yes, I had plenty of rejections too. I carried on, wrote more books, and submitted to Choc Lit, knowing that my pitch was the best it could be and the books would suit their readership. The early mornings, the late nights, the hard work has paid off!

As I always say, dream big and make it happen – persevere and try every door till the right one opens for you.

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