The edits are in!

There’s nothing more terrifying than opening your email and seeing the subject line “Edits”, especially when one is ten days post-birth and feeling rather emotionally fragile.

Yes, the edits for Falling Again are in and I’ve got work to do. I’m delighted that the tasting panel for Choc Lit (my publishers) love the story, but there are things to improve, including a major plot change. I wasn’t expecting to do a substantial rewrite, but now that I’m in the throes of drafting it, I can see just how much the book will improve because of the changes I’m making.

I’m currently operating on almost no sleep and riding a wave of hormones that sees me weeping one moment and laughing hysterically the next. It’s probably not the best state of mind to be editing in (even writing this short blog is proving rather taxing), but I’ll crack on, and hope that Falling Again won’t end up sounding like complete gibberish!

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