Happy ever afters

I love a good romance, but for me, it needs to have a happy ending. I feel so terribly disappointed when there isn’t a happy ever after, although I know that sometimes the story just has to finish that way. For example, the ending of Me before you, by Jo Jo Moyes, had me in pieces. And the ending of A Star is Born – I felt so depressed afterwards! I didn’t expect it to end that way, and I was so saddened by it.

I love to write a happy ever after, but my weakness as a writer is that I tend to rush towards the joy at the end of the book, so when the editing stage comes round, I inevitably have a lot of work to do!

What are your absolute all-time favourite happy endings from films, books, and TV? Here are mine!

I grew up on Friends, and I can quote episodes verbatim. And the moment when Rachel appears in Ross’ apartment and says “I got off the plane”, thus putting a beautiful end to the ten years of “will they, won’t they”, it gets me every single time.

Book image of Just the Way I am, on Kindle, with cup of coffee

Just the way I am, by Jo Watson
I read this recently and it is now one of my favourite contemporary romance reads. It’s so quirky, and fun, and uplifting, and the ending has a twist I really didn’t see coming. I left me feeling all warm and gooey and happy inside!

A Million Dreams, Dani Atkins
This heart-wrenching story really got to me, not least because the story involves an IVF treatment gone wrong, and both my boys are IVF miracle babies. But for all the emotions throughout the story, the ending is so perfect and wonderful, and had me weeping into my pillow.

Strictly Ballroom poster

Strictly Ballroom
I love this quirky, funny Australian movie, directed by Baz Luhrmann. The ending is fabulous. The moment when they cut the music then Scott’s dad starts clapping, followed by the crowd, and they start the dance again – it gives me goosebumps and I’ll never get tired of it.

Crocodile Dundee
OK so I appreciate this may seem odd to have on the list. But seriously, the scene where Sue shouts “I love you” across a crowded subway platform and then Mick walks across the heads of the crowd to get to her? It’s comedic and romantic and brilliant.

Bridget Jones standing in the snow

Bridget Jones’s Diary
The best thing about this hilarious 90s rom com was undeniably Colin Firth as Mark Darcy. And the ending in the snow where Bridget chases after him in her underwear is both hilarious and heart warming.

So, what are your favourite happy ever afters?

If you like romances with an uplifting ending, then why not check out my Spotlight Series of books? Strictly on Ice, Celebrity SOS, and Strictly Christmas Spirit both have stories of fame, love, drama, and of course, happy ever afters!

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