I’m a Celebrity – best moments

I love watching I’m a Celebrity… Get me out of here! I grew up with Ant and Dec on TV, first of all on Byker Grove, then later on SMTV: Live, and I love the fact they now present one of my favourite shows.

The programme has been running since 2002 and has seen some absolutely amazing moments, from jaw-dropping drama to intense bravery, disgusting challenges to side-splitting comedy. My love of survival and challenge shows like this one inspired my novel, Celebrity SOS: Love Survives, in which British celebrities have to survive in Alaska, but two of them share a past…

Here are my top I’m a Celebrity moments (it was so hard to choose as I have so many!)

Fun and games, and Bushtucker Trials!

Dean Gaffney covered in slime in the jungle

Poor Dean Gaffney! – 2006

Every time I watch this trial I cry with laughter. Poor Dean! I do feel so sorry for him as he’s surprised by a live trial upon his entry to the jungle. His over-anxious reaction, the shrieks, the way Ant and Dec try to hold it together, it’s truly one of the funniest I’m a Celebrity moments ever.

Image: Rex features

Gino D’Acampo and Stuart Manning slip and slide – 2009

Gino and Stuart took part in a trial in a see-saw contraption suspended above the water. I dare you not to laugh as Gino tries and fails to give instructions, leading them to a dunking.

Christopher Biggins finds a rat – 2007

The stage star certainly made me chuckle with his panto-esque reaction to finding a rat cuddled up with him in bed.

Top awwww moments

Harry Redknapp leaving the jungle as a winner

Harry Redknapp talking about his wife – 2018

The former football manager moved viewers to tears when he talked about his love for his wife of fifty years.

“I love her too much and it scares me,” he admitted. “If anything happened it would kill me.” Bless!

He was a hit with the viewers and was crowned King of the Jungle.

Image: BBC News

Bromance blossoms between Michael Buerk and Tinchy Stryder – 2014

We were all surprised when the veteran newsreader and rapper formed a friendship. They shared deep conversations, rapped together, and had us all glued to our screens. They have since stayed in touch since leaving the jungle.

An unlikely friendship – Georgia Toffolo and Stanley Johnson – 2017

Georgia and Stanley (father of now-PM Boris Johnson) formed a surprising friendship in the jungle that had us all in stiches. They carried on working together after the show, including taking part on Celebrity Gogglebox together.

Extreme bravery

We’ve all shuddered in horror at some of the more gruesome Bushtucker Trials. Here are some contestants who were particularly brave!

Adam Thomas with a spider in his mouth

Adam Thomas and the spider – 2016

The Emmerdale actor has a fear of spiders and faced his worst nightmare, having to put a live spider into his mouth, holding it in for 30 seconds. I could barely watch it, let alone be able to do something like that.

Image: The Sun

Melanie Sykes and Drown and Out – 2014

Melanie Sykes was horrified to find out her final trial involved water. She was locked in a tank which was not only filled with water, but also stuffed with creepy crawlies too! Melanie was incredible – she faced her fear and totally bossed it.

Fatima Whitbread Fill your face – 2011

The Olympic Javelin thrower had to don a clear helmet which was filled with bugs, including 7,500 cockroaches. One got stuck up her nose – cue gruesome scenes of her snorting and retching to get it out. Eventually the medic was called to help. But Fatima dealt with the ordeal like a true champ, and even kept the cockroach as a souvenir!

What about you? What are your favourite I’m a Celeb moments?

If you love survival shows as much as I do, you might like my novel, Celebrity SOS: Love Survives, inspired by my years of watching I’m a celebrity and other TV shows.

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