Meet the author: Claire Sheldon

Today I’m delighted to welcome author Claire Sheldon on my blog – she’s just released the third book in her current series, and I personally can’t wait to read it! It’s called A Burning Lie.

This is the third book in your series – do you know how many more there will be? 

So I’ve started book four in the Lisa Carter series but can’t really say much about it at the moment, as I’ve had so many failed starts and given up writing what I started. But hopefully what I’m writing at the moment will see make it to the end. But don’t worry Jen, Chris and the team will be back.

If you had to write in another genre, which would it be?

I’d love to write horror something that scared readers, I think C J Tudor has done this really well with the books I have read the Chalk Man and The taking of Annie Thorne.

How would you describe your feelings when you hold your new book in your hands?

In the physical form I always smell it and waft through the pages, when it pulls through onto my kindle at 12:01 on the day of publication I’m always like “OMG! It’s here! Look, look everyone it’s here” and my husband is usually like “shut up, does that mean we can all go to sleep now!”

What do you do to celebrate your publication days?

I kinda walk around on air all day! I have always been at home on publication day as both Perfect Lie and A Silent Child were released while I was having to work from home. Though I did have publication day for Perfect Lie officially off work. I can image if I was at work in an office with other people I’d probably be unbearable. But luckily for my work colleages my working day is now a Thursday and Ruby Fiction publishes on a Tuesday. 

For A Silent Child I was working, and I remember being busy at work so I was sat there “working” refreshing social media, Amazon and Goodreads. And I can imagine it will be pretty much the same with A Burning Lie too.

Do you have any writing rituals?

Food generally, I also edit listening to Jimmy Eat World, because for some reason my editor’s notes always make sense when I’m listening to their music. Whether it’s because I’ve never tried editing to anything else or just because of their magic! I also tend to write in the evenings as when I’ve finished work I tend to just want to sleep or be the furthest away from the computer as possible.

Which writer’s career would you like to emulate?

There are so many great writers out there, I’d love to get a supermarket deal and see my books on the shelves in Tesco. Though you can already get my books in The Works I think there is something about it being available to the mass market in the local supermarket. I’m loving Margaret Kirk and Cara Hunter’s books at the moment and always buy Louise Jensen’s books no questions asked.

What is your favourite thing about this new book?

The end (haha) I think it’s being able to acknowledge the hard work that our emergency services do to keep us safe. Because when there is a big explosion or incident it’s not just the Fire Service who rock up, it becomes a multi-agency investigation. I’m just glad that I’ve had the chance to acknowledge their hard work and dedication to their jobs.

Were there any parts of it that you struggled to write? Why?

The middle, I think I start to lose interest and get bored of it all. I’ve written the beginning and I know what’s going to happen at the end, I just struggle to get to the end without wanting to jack it all in and go and live on an island in the middle of the sea and never have to even think about writing ever again! I get major imposter syndrome as well, “no body wants to read this and my publisher will never publish it.”

More about A Burning Lie:

When a deadly explosion brings secrets and lies to light …
A city shaken to its foundations by a fire in a well-known music venue. A nightclub owner seemingly more concerned about money than the lives of the young people who fill the dancefloor at the end of every week. A dangerous bomber still on the loose.
All things that Detective Jen Garner must face in her first week of local level policing whilst trying to start afresh and finally make a break with her past.
Working alongside DI Chris Jackson, it’s crucial that Jen connects the dots to bring the culprit to justice. But it seems that everywhere Jen turns there is somebody with something to hide – and whilst she and her team attempt to unravel a web of lies years in the making, could the bomber be getting ready to strike again?

It’s available now on Amazon

More about Claire:

Claire lives in Nottingham with her family, a cat called Whiskers and a dog called Podrick.

She suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and as a result of the disease had to reduce her hours working in insurance for an Insolvency Insurer. This spare time enabled her to study a creative writing course which inspired her to write her debut, Perfect Lie and later A Silent Child.

When Claire isn’t working she enjoys reading crime novels and listening to music – the band Jimmy Eat World is her biggest muse! Claire is also an avid reader and book blogger. The inspiration for her novels comes from the hours spent watching The Bill with her grandparents and auntie; then later, Spooks and other detective programmes like Inspector Morse, A Touch of Frost and Midsomer Murders.

Connect with Claire on Facebook, Twitter, or visit her website

An image of Claire Sheldon
An image of the book A Burning Lie

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