The end?

It’s been a while since I blogged. We’ve had a very stressful house move, and I’ve been rushed off my feet. I am only now finding some time to breathe.

I have the edits through for my next book in the Spotlight Series. This one is another reality TV themed romance-fest! Inspired by a particular baking show and with a Christmassy-theme, I am busy trying to get the book finished in time for my deadline.

Cleverly I didn’t see the email from my editor in my junk folder (I have no idea why it ended up in there!) so I lost a couple of weeks just from that silly error, but these things happen and my editor is lovely and understanding anyway.

The thing is with this book, is that the ending never sat right with me. Not when I first wrote it and not now that I am revisiting it. I have decided to scrap it entirely and write a whole new ending. Because, who doesn’t love a challenge? Ha ha!

I hope I can pull something else out of my rather-depleted and very over-tired brain to give this book a fitting ending for the marvellous characters, and perhaps… an end to the series as well?

We will see!

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