Cover reveal!

I’m thrilled today to reveal the gorgeous cover of book 5 in the Spotlight Series! The Great Christmas Cook-Off will be out on the 15th November 2022.

It’s the festive showdown to end all festive showdowns …

“Queen of Chocolate” Beatrice Wodehouse, known for her decadent desserts, is ready to go head to head with her social media nemesis, clean lean baking machine Charlie Simmonds, in the Great Christmas Cook Off TV show.
Beatrice is fed up of Charlie’s sanctimonious attitude and is ready to show him that food is there to be enjoyed. Surely she’ll blow his keto, low sugar, low-carb mince pies out of the water with her chocolatey creations?
Except filming for the Cook Off turns out to be anything but sugar, spice and all things nice when the contestants realise there’s a festive saboteur in their midst – leading to melted ice cream, trifle mishaps and private stories leaked to the press.
As the countdown to the final commences, suspicions run high and sparks are bound to fly – and not just from the flaming Christmas puddings!

The book is part of my Spotlight Series, but like all my books, it can be read as a standalone.

Find out more about the Spotlight Series

It wasn’t hard writing this book, as I absolutely love the characters – their chemistry and their challenges, both personal and baking-related! Editing it has been a slow process though. I decided to scrap the original ending, and I have been so busy with my new house and work that it’s been tough to scrape together the time. But I am thrilled with the final result, and I hope you enjoy this latest festive edition to the series!

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