About me

Helen Buckley

Hi there! I’m Helen Buckley.

I’m originally from Hounslow in West London. I now live in Bedfordshire.

I’ve always been an avid reader. I used to walk to school reading a book trying not to bump into lamp posts. I would take out a book in school form class and zone the world out. I was geeky and awkward and ugly and lonely, and books were a beautiful escape.

I always thought I would write horror or thriller novels when I was younger. But I never wrote anything except (substandard) poetry until I was in my early thirties and a life situation led me to turn to novel writing – seeking the escape I once craved when I was younger. 

Some people write because they have a burning idea, or perhaps a burning ambition. For others it may come from a wellspring of joy. For me, it was a mix of desperation and depression arising from my inability to conceive a child that led me to pour my heart into writing a book.

My husband and I had been trying for over 2 years and were awaiting our first cycle of IVF to start. As the months and days ticked away in time with my biological clock, I knew I needed a distraction.

I started getting up at 5am and writing before work. Then I started writing on the train to work, and in my lunch break, and in the evenings whenever I could. Something magical happened when I started to write. Everything else fell away. All the fears and anxieties, and the sense of shame and failure and anger, they all melted away as I focused everything I had on my characters and their lives.

During that hot heady summer of 2018, when England was progressing in the World Cup, I had my IVF embryo transfer – the same day England won against Sweden. I finished my book. I fell pregnant. My book was accepted for publication. Life had suddenly taken a very unexpected turn!

We welcomed our little boy Donovan in March 2019, and my first novel Star in the Shadows was published in October 2019. It was a big year for me, but my writing journey hasn’t stopped there. Whilst pregnant with Donovan I kept on writing, completing my second novel Strictly on Ice. And during our second round of IVF in January 2020, I wrote my third novel, Celebrity SOS.

We welcomed our son Richard in October 2021, shortly after I had signed a contract with Choc Lit publishers to bring my Spotlight Series to publication.

I find myself very fortunate to have discovered my love of writing, and experienced the overwhelming love of becoming a mother to my two miracle boys.

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