The Wrong One

How can you be invisible when your identical twin is famous?

Shy, clumsy Adrienne is stuck in a rut and afraid of change. She’s had the same job for ten years, never tries anything new, and is constantly being mistaken for Clarissa, her identical twin and glamorous YouTube star. Oh, and she’s secretly in love with her sister’s boyfriend, Cole. Adi saw him first, but Clarissa won his heart, and Adi’s been nursing a secret crush on him ever since.

When Clarissa begs Adi to pretend to be her to pick up a prestigious award, Adi reluctantly agrees. Disguised as Clarissa, Adi makes friends with book blogger Verne, but she’s convinced it’s Clarissa he really likes, not her.

Will anyone like Adi just for her, or will she always be the wrong one?