Publication day!

It’s publication day for my fourth book in the Spotlight Series, Keeping up with the Kershaws.

In all honesty I have barely been able to focus on this publication day. It’s been at the bottom of my pile of priorities. Not because I don’t love the book. But because my youngest son has been on and off poorly with another few inpatient stints in hospital. He’s fine now – it’s just whenever he has a cold it develops into breathing problems and he has to go into hospital to go on oxygen. The doctors reassure me he will grow out of it and he’s been fine for a few weeks now. I’ve managed to catch up with my day job, but sadly this latest book release has been a little beyond me to focus on!

I do love this story though. It’s set in the London Borough of Richmond, where I spent a lot of time when I was younger, because I grew up in the neighbouring borough of Hounslow. I also met my husband for the first time in person at Richmond Station, as he’s also from that area. It’s a place that means a lot to me so it was lovely to incorporate it into this story of scheming families, friends to lovers, slow-burn, high drama romance.

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